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Tolcylen™ unit volume surpasses 750,000 units as of March 2021...

March 5, 2021

Marlinz Pharma has announced another significant milestone as Tolcylen™ products dispensed through our physician partners have reached a total of 750,000.  The Tolcylen™ product family continues to experience a repidly expanding customer base with over 99% account retention.  The entire Marlinz Pharma team would like to thank all of our dispensing partners for their continued support. 

Marlinz Pharma patient to physician referrals hit 3,200...

December 22, 2020 

Marlinz Pharma has continued to refer a growing number of patients seeking Tolcylen™ to a dispensing physician near them.  Internet search traffic for Tolcylen™ availability has hit an all time high and Marlinz Pharma is now referring up to 150 patients a month by phone, website, email and other communications.  To date over 3,200 total patient referrals have been made to Tolcylen™ diapensing clinics.

Marlinz Pharma opens climate controlled warehouse to enhance shipping and handle inventory needs...

October 16, 2020

Marlinz Pharma officials have executed a 5 year lease for a dedicated warehouse space with offices, climate controlled storage and loading docks to handle increased volume over the coming years.  The additional space will also house a chemical prep and formulation lab and small scale production capabilities for future vertical integration plans.  This is another major step in establishing the infrastructure to handle our future growth and quality control needs.


Marlinz Pharma closes 3rd Quarter of 2020 with another revenue record despite downward pressure from COVID...

October 1, 2020

Marlinz Pharma closed the 3rd Quarter of 2020 with a record month.  June 2020 revenues beat the previous single month record by over 35%.  With clinics being restricted or in some cases closed, and all trade shows, speaker events, sales rep calls and other meetings cancelled from March 15th on, Tolcylen™ revenues still outpaced all previous months.  The unexpected growth during the pandemic was possible only through strong brand loyalty and the ability of our dispensing partners to navigate pandemic restrictions while continuing to offer their patients safe, accessible care.


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