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Launch of Tolcylen™ Anti-Fungal, Cosmetic and Nail Renewal product line

Marlinz Pharma, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its Tolcylen™ Anti-Fungal, Cosmetic and Nail Renewal product line. Working with a team of experienced pharmacological scientists for over 3 years, the Tolcylen™ Anti-Fungal/Nail Renewal Solution, Anti-Fungal Skin Cream and Anti-Microbial Shoe Spray products were developed and perfected. The patent pending solution is delivered via a soft tube utilizing our Tru-Flow™ applicator brush tip. Marlinz Pharma is the first company to offer a single product capable of treating most nail conditions’ symptoms cosmetically, while also introducing antifungal agents to the infected sites. Our OTC product line is dispensed through physicians only and a full complement of patient education materials can be customized to help educate patients while promoting any practice.

Marlinz Pharma is proud to be a 2017 Podiatry Institute Gold Sponsor….